Digital Healthcare: What Do Patients Think? Part 4

We’ve arrived at our final blog post on the report by EFA patients. The survey set out to discover what European asthma and COPD patients think about and value in digital health technology. Now we will recap what we’ve learned, and detail in five points how our own digital health service responds to patients’ wishes and needs.

1. KAMU Health is a medical service for people with chronic respiratory conditions based on home monitoring. It consists of a mobile app and an easy-to-use, hospital-grade spirometer. The survey revealed that these services are also what appeal to patients most. Within technological developments, patients are most interested in home testing and monitoring from home — and gave particularly high ratings to home-use digital spirometry. Patients are most satisfied with it for diagnostic purposes, and with digital respiratory devices in general for care management.

2. Patients gave top ratings to tools that monitor air quality. Our app contains an air quality forecast and more: you can see in real time what type of air quality you’ve been exposed to. This helps you plan the actions for the day, and notice whether air quality affects your well-being.

3. Electronic diaries and apps for disease and health management are appreciated highly by patients. The KAMU Asthma app has a diary where you can save medication intake, measurement results and any symptoms. This is useful for knowing where you stand with your condition, and how your treatment routine or triggers influence your results and overall well-being. Other health data, such as exercise, can be integrated into the app.


4. Patients value the possibility of receiving an early warning of deterioration. The KAMU Asthma app shows if your measurement results or symptoms are starting to change. This could help you address a possible exacerbation even before you experience any symptoms. Plus, you can turn on our AI-assisted feature that automatically monitors your coughing at night — a symptom of asthma otherwise difficult to track.

5. The question of data privacy and security is central for patients. KAMU users own and can delete their information anytime they wish, and patient data is saved and transferred according to best industry standards. EFA’s study showed that patients are willing to share data with healthcare professionals to improve their condition. For care purposes, you can simply download and share your data as a PDF report. If you allow it, your healthcare staff can use KAMU Cloud to check on your measurement results and symptoms in real time. Data can also be shared by integrating our interface with healthcare’s own EHR systems.

We are meeting patients’ needs for an easier and more effective way of managing their illnesses.

As the list shows, our service ticks the points of a valued health technology. We are meeting patients’ needs for an easier and more effective way of managing their illnesses. EFA also points out the several benefits of digital health in assessing and managing chronic respiratory conditions. The data provided by digital tools can lead to an earlier diagnosis, improve treatment, and support communication with healthcare providers.

Besides more personable treatment, EFA sees that a central benefit of digital health is patient empowerment. Self-monitoring leads to a better understanding of one’s disease and how it is managed best. And this is what we at KAMU Health are striving for.

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