Monitor Your Patients Remotely with Quality-Controlled Data

About Chronic Lung Conditions

The key to good management of chronic respiratory illness, such as asthma and COPD, is consistency – measuring, monitoring and adherence to prescribed medication. Empowering the patient to take the management of their condition in their daily routine saves time and resources for the healthcare professional as well. With relevant and reliable data in an organized digital form, the valuable time on the doctor’s or nurse’s appointment can be invested in creating and updating the essential asthma action plan rather than sorting out inconsistent, often manually kept records and notes.

KAMU Asthma® is a new way of thinking respiratory care. It enables the patient to take a spirometry test at home and track their symptoms and adherence to medication with quick, easy-to-use and comparable questionnaires. Combining external trigger data to this patient-provided information, KAMU creates reports that help both the patient and their healthcare professional understand the condition better – possibly even predict changes and take action to prevent symptoms from occuring. Sharing reports in a digital form can save time and also enable better care remotely.

How KAMU Can Help

Empower the Patient to Manage Their Asthma Better

KAMU takes a holistic, adherence-driving approach to respiratory care. Regularly measuring their lungs at home with KAMU Spiro, and keeping track on their symptoms, triggers and use of medication, the patient can not only feel better but also provide a constantly updating anamnesis, which enables cost-efficient remote consultations. Spirometry with KAMU Spiro is automatically quality controlled, according to ATS/ERS guidelines. The service guides and instructs the user in taking the spirometry test.

Ease of Use Is a Priority

The KAMU app has a built-in medication tracking to support most commonly used respiratory medications minimizing the need and work required for manual input. If needed, new medications can be added manually by the user or by the care professionals. The personal asthma action plan is always present, as KAMU supports the user in good self-care and drives adherence to medication. When the patient is empowered and motivated to keep KAMU in their daily routine, they are more likely to feel better and achieve a good treatment balance.

Activate the Service in Minutes

KAMU Cloud offers a ready-to-use user interface for professionals. Deployment can start in minutes. Advanced API is available for large scale rollouts, including built-in access control authentication methods enabling single sign-on for healthcare users utilizing existing credentials. Integration is also possible through the FHIR Smart API for EHR systems. Fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant, CE-marked Medical Device as per European Medical Devices directive. No integration is mandatory as users can also share data in PDF format with their care personnel.

”The KAMU service makes a doctor’s work significantly more straight forward: treating the patient becomes easier when there’s more information available on their condition. KAMU provides reliable and comparable data. Compared to traditional PEF monitoring, KAMU gives a more complete picture of the patient’s condition. It’s also easy for the patient to share their information with the doctor, which means they often don’t need to visit the clinic but can have a consultation on the phone instead.”
-Prof. Mika Mäkelä, Helsinki University Hospital

The KAMU Routine