Manage Your Lung Condition Better

Take Control of Your Lung Health

Measure your lung function with KAMU Spiro

Become the Expert of Your Lungs

Track and Minimize Your Symptoms

Share the Results When Needed

If you have asthma or COPD, you certainly are not alone! Roughly one in every 11 people in the United States and Europe is currently living with asthma, and one in 12 Europeans have COPD. However, many asthmatics and COPD patients could manage their condition way better than they do now. With good care, most can lead a secure and balanced life. The secret lies in consistent guided self-care: monitoring the lungs regularly and taking your treatment medication as agreed with your doctor in your treatment plan. It takes effort, but doesn’t have to be difficult! KAMU is designed to make your lung condition management as easy and effortless as possible – to help you maximize the number of symptom-free days.

How KAMU Helps You

Become the Expert of Your Lungs

  • Test your lung function at home with a hospital-grade mobile spirometer: no need to go to a clinic or a hospital to test your lungs
  • It’s safe, easy and quick: just turn KAMU Spiro on and exhale through the mouthpiece. With a single test, you get all the necessary values*
  • Spirometry results are saved in KAMU Spiro’s memory and can be uploaded to your KAMU Asthma app


Track and Minimize Your Symptoms

With the KAMU Asthma app, you can

  • Track symptoms, personal triggers and medication use and get reminders for entries
  • Receive local weather and air quality forecasts so that you can prepare for the day
  • Check the trend view to predict changes and take action before symptoms occur

Share the Results When Needed

  • Easily download reports from the app and share them with your doctor or nurse
  • Follow the treatment instructions you receive
  • Avoid unnecessary visits to the clinic or hospital

User Testimonials

KAMU is easy and nice to use. It has become a natural part of my morning routine.”

Minna’s testimonial

The trend view makes it clear and visible for me how the seasons and pollen affect my condition and lung values.”

Teuvo’s testimonial

“Testing the KAMU device opened up a whole new world for me. The service made me think how much healthier my lungs would be if I treated my asthma as well as possible.” -Antti, 40

The KAMU Routine

Your self-care routine is defined in your asthma action plan, agreed with your doctor or nurse. The action plan defines things like medication dosages, monitoring your symptoms and when to consult your healthcare professional. KAMU’s job is to make managing all this as simple as possible. Take it in your daily routine – here’s how it works: