Adherence — What’s the Fuss?

What is Adherence? Kate is a middle-aged woman with asthma. She developed the disease in her adult life. Pretty often, Kate forgets to take her treatment medication of inhaled corticosteroids. Instead, she has begun to use a reliever inhaler for instant relief when her symptoms get worse. Kate is feeling somewhat tired and has an […]

Pollen, climate change and why you should treat seasonal allergy

11.5.2022 Living with Asthma

Untreated allergy may lead to asthma If you are suffering from pollen allergy, you are definitely not alone. Allergic rhinitis, caused by pollen, mold, animal skin or other triggers, is a common condition. In the US and Europe, 10 to 30% of adults and perhaps even more children suffer from it. General symptoms include a […]

Poor air quality is a challenge every spring, and it should be acknowledged

30.3.2022 Living with Asthma

Spring is a lovely time to enjoy the increasing warmth and sunshine outdoors. However, it can be a challenging time for those with a lung illness. Air quality is worse than normal for several reasons. For many asthma patients, pollen aggravates symptoms. Small particle levels peak Besides pollen, pollution levels also peak in spring. There […]

REKRY: Tule viestintäassistentiksi KAMUlle!

26.1.2022 The KAMU Life

Oletko taitava kirjoittaja ja kekseliäs somettaja? Kiinnostaako osa-aikainen työ sairauksien omahoitoa tukevan teknologian parissa? Tule töihin KAMUlle! KAMU Health Oy kehittää ja markkinoi digitaalisia palveluita kroonisten keuhkosairauksien, kuten astman ja keuhkoahtaumataudin omahoitoon ja seurantaan. Etsimme nyt pieneen ja tehokkaaseen tiimiimme viestintäassistenttia, jonka tehtäviin kuuluvat erityisesti KAMUn somekanavien, verkkosivujen ja blogin ylläpitäminen. Menestyt tehtävässä, jos tunnistat […]

Most Asthmatics Cough at Night But Are Not Aware of That – AI Monitors Nocturnal Coughing and Helps to Manage the Disease Better

24.1.2022 Press release

HELSINKI 24 Jan 2022 – Nocturnal coughing is a common but hard to monitor symptom of asthma. Helsinki-based KAMU Health Ltd. now has a solution for the problem: a smart phone application that listens to the user and recognizes coughing while they sleep. Cough monitoring gives the asthmatic objective insight to their nocturnal symptoms and […]