Helsinki-based KAMU Health Offers Free-of-Charge Asthma Self-Management Service to Help Fight COVID-19 Crisis

14.5.2020 Press release

HELSINKI 5.5.2020 – Finnish healthtech company KAMU Health Ltd. is releasing a new version of its self-management service for asthmatics on World Asthma Day, May 5th. The goal is to help asthma sufferers ensure their treatment balance remains as good as possible and to support remote collaboration with healthcare personnel during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Poorly balanced asthma is a risk factor for influenza and a serious coronavirus disease. Achieving a good treatment balance requires that the asthmatic adheres to their prescribed treatment medication and regularly monitors their lung condition. KAMU Asthma is designed to support self-care and collaboration with healthcare personnel. The new release is a smartphone application for logging symptoms, use of medication, triggers and PEF results. Until now, there have been no equivalent digital solutions for monitoring lung condition available free of charge.

“Good care of chronic lung conditions is vital during this epidemic, especially since many patients are at higher risk of infection. We want to offer a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for monitoring lung conditions reliably at home. Regular monitoring may help give the user peace of mind while also alerting them if their condition is deteriorating so they can seek help in good time,” says Seppo Salorinne, co-founder of KAMU Health.

The application compiles the user’s data into a report, which can be downloaded as a PDF and shared, for instance, with the user’s physician. The app can also be set to remind the user to take their medication and make journal entries. In addition, KAMU provides the user with a local forecast on weather and air quality, which can affect asthma in many patients.

Professor Mika Mäkelä, Chief Physician at Helsinki University Skin and Allergy Hospital, and KAMU’s medical advisor, points out that the more a doctor knows about their patient’s condition, the more straightforward it is for them to ensure it’s correctly treated. “KAMU provides reliable and comparable data and a comprehensive picture of the patient’s condition. This way the doctor will be able to help their patient better, even without the patient coming to the clinic,” he says.

KAMU Asthma is developed in collaboration with patient organisations and healthcare professionals. The application is available for iOS and Android smartphones in 18 European countries, including the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and the Nordic countries. The user can choose to use the app in English, German or Finnish.

Further information:
Seppo Salorinne, Chief Product Officer

KAMU Health Ltd develops and markets digital therapeutics for respiratory-illness care. Through technology, KAMU provides users and their healthcare providers with better data to support treatment while empowering users to take a proactive role in managing their conditions. All KAMU’s services are founded on the latest evidence-based medicine and comply with local medical regulations in the US and Europe. Read more: www.kamuhealth.com.