KAMU Health Wins WSA Award 2020 with Digital Solution for Monitoring Lungs During The COVID-19 Pandemic

17.12.2020 Press release

HELSINKI 17 Dec 2020 – KAMU Health Ltd’s digital solution for monitoring lungs during the COVID-19 pandemic has been recognized as one of the 40 WSA Winners from 26 countries of the year 2020. WSA is a global initiative recognizing local digital content contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

KAMU’s digital solution helps people with chronic respiratory conditions achieve a better treatment balance and collaborate better with their healthcare professionals, but is also suitable for monitoring lung recovery for those who already had the coronavirus disease. The full version of KAMU’s service includes both a smartphone app and a separate device for home spirometry.

Due to the pandemic, KAMU also offers a modified free version of the app in 18 European countries, including a feature for tracking PEF results instead of full spirometry. Mechanical peak flow meters are widely available and already owned by many lung patients. The free version of the app thus makes the benefits of KAMU’s service accessible for a wider audience and helps the user easily monitor their lung condition and detect possible decline or exacerbation at an early stage.

“The pandemic could leave millions of patients in need of long-term lung monitoring, on top of the large crowd who already need monitoring and guidance because of their underlying respiratory condition. Even with the vaccine now on its way, the care gap caused by the times of crisis will be difficult to close without the help of remote care and digital tools, which is why we modified our app to serve as wide an audience as possible. We are honoured that WSA recognized and decided to award this effort!” says Seppo Salorinne, co-founder and CPO of KAMU Health.

Global Congress coming up in March 2021

WSA reaches digital entrepreneurs in 182 countries world-wide and provides a unique platform for everyone interested in purpose driven digital innovation. Through close cooperation with the United Nations agencies and strategic alignment with the UN SDGs, the WSA is a globally recognized quality seal for digital innovation. KAMU Health took part in the WSA Awards in the category of Health & Wellbeing and ranked in the top 5. Out of the 40 winners across the 8 categories, KAMU’s solution was also the only one from the Nordics this year.

“The WSA Winners combine two major focus points – the commitment on the UN SDGs and solving societies issues with smart content application. Evaluated by an international expert Jury in 2 stages – a multi-stakeholder college unique in terms of diversity and background – the 40 WSA Winners have been tried for sustainability, aim, technical and strategic finesse. This year’s challenges show more than ever how much digital means can offer progress and solutions. This year’s WSA Winners present a wonderful showcase of purpose driven innovation and entrepreneurship“, WSA Chairman Peter A. Bruck states.

The winners will receive the award at the WSA Global Congress in March 2021. The WSA Global Congress is an international networking and learning event for those who are interested in the use of digital technology to achieve the UN SDGs.

Contact person:
Seppo Salorinne, Chief Product Officer

KAMU Health Ltd develops and markets digital therapeutics for respiratory-illness care. Through technology, KAMU provides users and their healthcare providers with better data to support treatment while empowering users to take a proactive role in managing their conditions. All KAMU’s services are founded on the latest evidence-based medicine and comply with local medical regulations in the US and Europe. Read more: www.kamuhealth.com.