KAMU’s Year 2020

22.12.2020 The KAMU Life

Just like many other companies in Finland, KAMU too started working remotely when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country last spring. Even though our team has been working from home most of the time, our year has been full of inspiring events and opportunities. Here are some highlights from our year 2020.

A Free Version of KAMU’s App to Help Asthmatics During the Pandemic

KAMU’s service includes a spirometer designed for home use and a smartphone app working together with the device. The spirometer provides a more accurate and wide picture of lung condition than the traditional peak flow measurement. However, most asthmatics still monitor their lungs at home with a peak flow meter.

Because the current pandemic causes additional worry for many lung patients, we decided to offer a free version of our service in 18 European countries. As the free version does not include the spirometer device, the user can manually log their peak flow measurement results in the app. Using the spirometer, the results would be automatically synchronized in the app via Bluetooth.

A Refreshed Website

In the end of the summer, we published our updated website. The site now includes more information about KAMU’s services for patients, healthcare professionals, healthcare payors and employers as well as pharma and research organizations. The KAMU Blog, which you are reading right now, was also launched at the same time. During the autumn, we have already published, for example, tips for better asthma management as well as user stories in our blog.

Virtual Networking

Despite the unusual circumstances, KAMU took part in many events – this time online. In September, our co-founder Seppo Salorinne showcased our service at TechBBQ and in November at Frontiers Health, which is one of the world’s largest digital health innovation events. Our team also took part in Bits&Pretzels online event in September, as well as many other virtual events and conferences.

H+ Gave Insights for the German Market

In addition to all the events, we also had the pleasure to take part in H+ Innovation Programme organized by InsurTech Hub Munich and Medical Valley EMN. The participants, 41 healthtech startups, were chosen after interviews with 2000 founders. Out of the 41 companies, the best 15 ones continued to the end of the programme.

KAMU was included in the top 15, which meant we also got the opportunity to showcase our service in the final event, called HEALTH X INSURANCE. The programme offered KAMU invaluable networks and insight to the German healthcare market and culture.

Winning the WSA Awards

Besides the H+ Programme, we also gained success in the annual WSA Awards, which awards digital innovations to improve society. There are 8 different categories, out of which a total of 40 innovations will be awarded, 5 from each category. We participated in the Health & Wellbeing category with our digital solution for monitoring lungs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Grand Jury awarded us as one of the five winners in this category. This means we will participate and pitch our solution in the WSA Global Congress in March 2021!

Thank you to our users, partners and event organizers for this unusual year! Just like last year, we did not send Christmas cards this year, but instead made a donation for protecting Finnish forests. We wish everyone a peaceful Christmas time and a happy new year 2021!
– KAMU Team