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Digital Healthcare: What Do Patients Think? Part 4

We’ve arrived at our final blog post on the report by EFA patients. The survey set out to discover what European asthma and COPD patients think about and value in digital health technology. Now we will recap what we’ve learned, and detail in five points how our own digital health service responds to patients’ wishes […]

Adherence — What’s the Fuss?

What is Adherence? Kate is a middle-aged woman with asthma. She developed the disease in her adult life. Pretty often, Kate forgets to take her treatment medication of inhaled corticosteroids. Instead, she has begun to use a reliever inhaler for instant relief when her symptoms get worse. Kate is feeling somewhat tired and has an […]

Poor air quality is a challenge every spring, and it should be acknowledged

30.3.2022 Living with Asthma

Spring is a lovely time to enjoy the increasing warmth and sunshine outdoors. However, it can be a challenging time for those with a lung illness. Air quality is worse than normal for several reasons. For many asthma patients, pollen aggravates symptoms. Small particle levels peak Besides pollen, pollution levels also peak in spring. There […]