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Digital Healthcare: What Do Patients Think? Part 3

Awareness and Access to Digital Tools European asthma and COPD patients have a strong interest in digital health technologies and are highly satisfied with them. These are some of the main results of EFA’s recently published DIG_IT report. But the report also revealed some deterrents, and in this post we will focus on them. Firstly, […]

Digital Healthcare: What Do Patients Think? Part 2

Patients Open to Digital Healthcare In this post, we will focus on the positive views that European asthma and COPD patients have about digital healthcare services and devices. This is our second blog post based on EFA’s newly published DIG_IT report (see our introduction here). The results of the survey are encouraging: the majority of […]

Digital Healthcare: What Do Patients Think?

Patients Front and Centre in the Process Covid-19 was a jump-start in many European countries to begin applying digital health care technologies and services more widely. In the midst of a pandemic, the safety and treatment of people with lung disease and other illnesses needed to be ensured through remote healthcare. The European Union aims to […]

Air Quality Forecasts Are Important Health Information for Everyone

10.3.2021 Living with Asthma

Just like in many other European countries earlier, the end of February got Finland surprised with weird, brownish snow. The reason for this was sand, flying in the air all the way from the Saharan desert and finally landing with the snow, giving it the orange colour. The sand dust also made the air quality […]

Study: Supported Self-Management Is Key In Managing Asthma

When treating chronic respiratory conditions, the aim is to achieve as many symptom-free days as possible through good treatment balance. The secret lies in empowering the patients themselves to monitor their lung condition, symptoms and use of medication as advised by healthcare professionals. Achieving a good treatment balance of asthma or other lung condition not […]