User Testimonial: Teuvo Keeps His Asthma Under Control with KAMU – “Not a Single Respiratory Infection This Year!”

25.11.2020 Living with Asthma

Teuvo Arosilta, 76, has been living with asthma for over 70 years. After a persistent whooping cough at the age of 5, his asthma was also taken under care. The exercise and infection induced asthma took a turn for the better after puberty, but when Teuvo was in his 40’s, the symptoms came back. The condition has changed over years, but Teuvo has also learned how to manage his asthma better. Now he also uses KAMU Asthma as a support for his self-care routines. 

At the moment, Teuvo manages with allergic asthma and exercise-induced asthma. Thanks to the pneumococcal vaccine, problems caused by infection related asthma have decreased. –Aging and the new, more developed medications have relieved my symptoms. Although my various symptoms and illnesses have been a real challenge for doctors, Teuvo says.

With his wife, Teuvo spends the winters in the city, or maybe abroad in some place warm  – although this year they have been social distancing and trying to avoid the coronavirus. During the snowless time, the couple lives in the Finnish countryside. Asthma and allergies make enjoying the outdoor activities more complicated. –Autumns and winters are the worst for me, as well as the pollen season in spring. High air humidity and low pressure areas also make my breathing more difficult.

Regular Use of Medication Is Key in Managing Asthma

Years of experience have taught Teuvo to anticipate symptoms and take external factors into account. He takes medication before exercise or mowing, avoids taking too much heat in the sauna and prefers walks in forests with pinewood rather than birches. Boat trips on open waters have less pollen and pollutants and thus relieve Teuvo’s symptoms. He also likes to inhale steam from saltwater to help get mucus out of his lungs.

The most important part of self-management, according to Teuvo, is regular and sufficient medication. –I have been lucky to receive care from a good asthma physician. Over time, I’ve been able to take responsibility for solving even acute situations with my asthma.

As a support for his self-care routines, Teuvo uses the KAMU Asthma service. Lung measurements and daily journal entries ensure his use of medication stays regular. This also helps him to understand when it’s a good idea to consult his doctor. The need for extra medication is easy to notice when the values vary.

–The trend view makes it clear and visible for me how the seasons and pollen affect my condition and lung values. For me, it’s also meaningful to have all the lung functions measured instead of only the peak flow value, Teuvo notes.

Using KAMU has become a routine that feels perfectly natural for Teuvo. It has helped him to keep his asthma well under control. –I haven’t had a single respiratory infection this year, he says. –I would recommend using KAMU for other asthmatics, too.