The Daily Routine for Asthmatics – how to manage your asthma the best way with KAMU Asthma

30.9.2020 Living with Asthma

Asthma self-management doesn’t have to be hard. It just takes a few daily routines and commitment to the asthma action plan as agreed with your doctor. When there’s a lot going on in your life, managing your asthma may not be the first thing on your mind. Fortunately, there are great digital tools to support your asthma self-care, such as the predictive KAMU Asthma service.

Here’s how to manage your asthma with KAMU:

1. Take a Spirometry Regularly

KAMU Asthma self-management service comes with a personal mobile spirometer, KAMU Spiro. It’s a hospital-grade device, which gives you a multiple amount of information on your lung condition (as compared to a peak flow meter) with a single exhale. We recommend that you take a spirometry test with KAMU Spiro at least twice a week.

2. Keep Asthma Journal

Besides the spirometer, KAMU service also includes a smartphone application called KAMU Asthma. The app includes a journal, where you can easily track the medication usage, asthma symptoms and asthma triggers of the day. A journal entry is always made with a similar questionnaire, which makes it quick and easily.

3. Follow Your Trend Reports…

KAMU’s trend view shows you how your self-care is working. The green and red squares in the report indicate how strong your symptoms have been and if you have taken your medication according to your doctor’s advice. The more green you see, the better!

4. …and Share Them with Your Doctor

The trend view also shows you how your spirometry results have varied in your chosen timeframe. If you notice a declining trend, try to think if there’s something you could do better in your self-care routine. If you need to consult a doctor, you can download the report from KAMU Asthma app and share it with them. Then, do the changes to your self-care routine as advised by your doctor.

5. Make KAMU a Part of Your Daily Routine

Managing asthma is easy with KAMU in your daily routine. KAMU goes wherever you go: you’ll always get a current, local weather and air quality forecast as well as reminders for taking your medication, doing a spirometry test and making a journal entry, on your chosen days and times.

If you use KAMU regularly, you can even learn to predict changes and take action before the symptoms occur. Read more about KAMU here.