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Digital Therapeutics
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What is KAMU

KAMU™ is an evidence-based, medical-grade service for people with asthma developed with, and for, its users.

KAMU uses a specially developed spirometer that works with your smart phone. It makes monitoring your lungs simple and convenient so it’s simple to optimize your treatment, such as your use of medication, while predicting and preventing asthma symptoms.

The KAMU service is based on medical research; tracking asthma is a major step towards managing it yourself. Monitoring your condition makes it easier to work closely with your General Practitioner and, through sharing your anonymised data, to help other asthma patients in the KAMU community.

Through its user network KAMU gathers information on external factors, such as cold weather and changes in air quality, that can affect asthma. That allows us to provide alerts to you as a user so you can stay a step ahead of your condition and keep surprises to a minimum.

KAMU helps you to feel better, reducing unnecessary visits to your GP and the hospital, while alerting you early to potential problems.

And, long term, our gathering of population-level (anonymised) big data will allow for new analysis and insights into asthma trends and triggers that will speed up future research and treatments.

About Asthma

If you suffer from Asthma you’re not alone. As air pollution worsens Asthma is becoming more common. Roughly one in every 11 people in the United States and Europe is currently managing the condition. If those figures are extrapolated worldwide there could be more than 600 million people globally having to cope with the same condition as you.

But being one of so many is also potentially a great advantage. By sharing data through KAMU, users can help build a clearer picture of the disease. That means not just better data for medical researchers and doctors, but ever-improving guidance for  staying healthy together with crowd-sourced alerts to potential problems caused by weather, pollution or other external factors.

And with KAMU you always control your data, share only what you choose through our secure and anonymised network. And, together with your family doctor or specialist, you can put that data to good use by ensuring that your care is guided by the clearest possible picture of your health and that your medicine intake is optimized so you take the right amount at the right time.

Asthma isn’t unbeatable. There are plenty of good reasons to find better ways of reducing its impact, and eventually a cure. Tens of millions of working days are lost every year to the condition, it costs billions of dollars to treat annually and reduces the quality of life of everyone who has to live with it or support someone who does.

Together you, KAMU and doctors around the world are going to bring better treatments ever closer.

“Testing the KAMU device opened up a whole new world for me. The service made me think how much healthier my lungs would be if I treated my asthma as well as possible. I use KAMU regularly, because I want to track my lung health, know my best results and the current state of my lungs.”
-Antti, 40

“With KAMU, I can see my [lung performance] results dropping immediately if I skip my medication. When I take my meds, my results are 20 % better. I use KAMU daily and measure my lungs every morning and evening. It has become part of my daily routine. KAMU has been a really worthwhile purchase and I want to keep using it. I have only skipped taking the spirometry test twice.”
-Juha, 66

”The KAMU service makes a doctor’s work significantly more straight forward: treating the patient becomes easier when there’s more information available on their condition. KAMU provides reliable and comparable data. Compared to traditional PEF monitoring, KAMU gives a more complete picture of the patient’s condition. It’s also easy for the patient to share their information with the doctor, which means they often don’t need to visit the clinic but can have a consultation on the phone instead.” -Professor Mika Mäkelä, Helsinki University Hospital

Join us!

We are looking for talented software engineers to join our team.

You’ll need at least 5 years’ experience in the software sector and to be fluent in at least some of the following: iOS (Swift/Objective-C), Android (Java/Kotlin), Javascript, Postgresql, AWS, Python, Data Science (TensorFlow, Watson, etc. ring a bell).

You will, of course, be familiar and comfortable with agile approaches to development. We are offering a membership in a highly skilled team focused on creating and delivering a world-class service that will change the lives of people with Asthma around the world.

We offer remuneration to reflect experience and skills and an environment in which we are confident that the right person will thrive.

Our Office

KAMU has new office at Maria 01 Helsinki

KAMU has a new home. Appropriately enough it’s an old hospital building that has been turned into a startup hub. It’s a perfect fit. So if you want to find us we’re now at

Maria 01 Startup Hub
Lapinlahdenkatu 16,  Helsinki.


KAMU On The Road

Helsinki – Jan 8th-10th, 2020
Our first event of the year, Lääkäripäivät 2020, will take place in our hometown Helsinki. Lääkäripäivät is an annual exhibition for doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists and medical students.


KAMU Health Ltd.
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