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KAMU Asthma® is an evidence-based, medical-grade service for people with asthma or COPD developed with, and for, its users. Take a spirometry test at home, monitor your condition and share reports with your doctor. Using KAMU® regularly, you can even learn to predict changes in your condition.

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Healthcare providers turned to #telehealth to ensure the safety of patients during the #pandemic. The majority of physicians saw that telehealth helped them to deliver high quality care, and most are motivated to increase its use in the future. Read more: https://buff.ly/3YIr2yk

12.7% of all childhood #asthma in the US is caused by cooking on gas stoves, a new research reveals — equivalent to the amount of asthma caused by second hand smoking. Even when turned off, gas stoves can worsen indoor #airquality significantly. https://buff.ly/3il9V5y

Studies show that providers have perhaps the most crucial role in telehealth becoming more widespread. So, how do they perceive telehealth? Check out our new blog post to find out! 👉 https://buff.ly/3YIr2yk #telehealth #KAMUHealth

For some #asthmatics, the holidays are a time of triggers, such as #Christmas trees and scented candles. Avoid triggers if possible, stick to treatment and carry a reliever inhaler with you to make the most out of the season. Happy and healthy holidays! https://buff.ly/3Vjmage

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