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What is KAMU

KAMU® is an evidence-based, medical-grade service for people with asthma developed with, and for, its users.

KAMU uses a specially developed spirometer that works with your smart phone. It makes monitoring your lungs simple and convenient so it’s simple to optimize your treatment, such as your use of medication, while predicting and preventing asthma symptoms.

The KAMU service is based on medical research; tracking asthma is a major step towards managing it yourself. Monitoring your condition makes it easier to work closely with your General Practitioner and, through sharing your anonymised data, to help other asthma patients in the KAMU community.

Through its user network KAMU gathers information on external factors, such as cold weather and changes in air quality, that can affect asthma. That allows us to provide alerts to you as a user so you can stay a step ahead of your condition and keep surprises to a minimum.

KAMU helps you to feel better, reducing unnecessary visits to your GP and the hospital, while alerting you early to potential problems.

And, long term, our gathering of population-level (anonymised) big data will allow for new analysis and insights into asthma trends and triggers that will speed up future research and treatments.

About Asthma

If you suffer from Asthma you’re not alone. As air pollution worsens Asthma is becoming more common. Roughly one in every 11 people in the United States and Europe is currently managing the condition. If those figures are extrapolated worldwide there could be more than 600 million people globally having to cope with the same condition as you.

But being one of so many is also potentially a great advantage. By sharing data through KAMU, users can help build a clearer picture of the disease. That means not just better data for medical researchers and doctors, but ever-improving guidance for  staying healthy together with crowd-sourced alerts to potential problems caused by weather, pollution or other external factors.

And with KAMU you always control your data, share only what you choose through our secure and anonymised network. And, together with your family doctor or specialist, you can put that data to good use by ensuring that your care is guided by the clearest possible picture of your health and that your medicine intake is optimized so you take the right amount at the right time.

Asthma isn’t unbeatable. There are plenty of good reasons to find better ways of reducing its impact, and eventually a cure. Tens of millions of working days are lost every year to the condition, it costs billions of dollars to treat annually and reduces the quality of life of everyone who has to live with it or support someone who does.

Together you, KAMU and doctors around the world are going to bring better treatments ever closer.

How KAMU Benefits You

  • COVID-19
  • Asthma Patients
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Healthcare Payers and Employers
  • Research & Pharmaceutical Industry

A Novel Digital Approach to Respiratory Care with Less Healthcare Resources

Studies have shown that air pollution increases the death rates of COVID-19, and that many recovering patients show symptoms similar to asthma or COPD.

KAMU Asthma is a solution that helps patients monitor their lung condition, medication and symptoms with a clinical-grade mobile spirometer and a smartphone app. The app also includes a local forecast for weather and air quality. With KAMU, the user can see if their lung condition is deteriorating and take action, for example by adjusting their medication or avoiding going out when the air quality is low.

Data can be easily shared from the user’s smartphone to for example healthcare professionals and researchers, if the user allows it. KAMU can thus help the users feel better and more secure, save healthcare resources and provide valuable data for research purposes.

Read more about how KAMU can help in the COVID-19 crisis

KAMU Asthma – A Novel Digital Approach to Respiratory Care with Less Healthcare Resources
Asthma Patients

Know how you are doing – optimize your treatment based on measured results

Testing the KAMU device opened up a whole new world for me. The service made me think how much healthier my lungs would be if I treated my asthma as well as possible. I use KAMU regularly, because I want to track my lung health, know my best results and the current state of my lungs.” -Antti, 40

KAMU Asthma is a predictive self-management service for asthma, developed in Finland in collaboration with asthmatics and doctors. Measure your lung function with the mobile spirometer and monitor your condition with the smartphone app. The service also helps in collaborating with healthcare professionals. With a good self-care routine, most people living with asthma can live life to the fullest.

With KAMU Asthma, you can easily manage your medication and symptoms and keep up with your asthma triggers, such as changes in temperature and air quality. You can monitor your lung function anywhere and anytime, and download a self-care report from the service and share it with your doctor or loved ones. KAMU Asthma self-management service accommodates the official treatment guidelines and is based on the newest research. The service is a CE-marked medical device.

Download KAMU Asthma app for free on App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android)

Healthcare Providers

Easily treat and monitor patients remotely with quality-controlled measurements, symptoms and medication tracking

The KAMU service makes a doctor’s work significantly more straight forward: treating the patient becomes easier when there’s more information available on their condition. KAMU provides reliable and comparable data. Compared to traditional PEF monitoring, KAMU gives a more complete picture of the patient’s condition. It’s also easy for the patient to share their information with the doctor, which means they often don’t need to visit the clinic but can have a consultation on the phone instead.”
-Professor Mika Mäkelä, Helsinki University Hospital

COVID-19 requires extra resources and other healthcare suffers from a lack of resources

Healthcare is under extreme pressure during the current COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. At the same time, key risk groups with chronic respiratory conditions are not able to get quality care due to increased risk associated with visiting the care facilities and the lack of personnel resources.

KAMU frees up time from routine procedures by empowering the patient to take better care of themselves

KAMU Asthma® provides a leading tool for remote measurements for lung function tests and longitudinal follow-up possibilities for symptoms, medication use, and other user reported items. Performed lung function tests are automatically quality controlled according to ATS/ERS guidelines and the service guides and instructs the user on performing the test.

Ease of use is a priority

The service has a built-in medication tracking to support most commonly used respiratory medications minimizing the need and work required for manual input. If needed, new medications can be added manually by the user or by the care professionals. Service also supports users in good care practices and enhances medication adherence.

Activate the service in minutes

Deployment can start in minutes. No integration is mandatory as users can share data in PDF format with their care personnel. Advanced API available for large scale rollouts including built-in access control authentication methods enabling single sign-on for healthcare users utilising existing credentials. Fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant, CE-marked Medical Device as per European Medical Devices directive.

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Easily treat and monitor patients remotely with quality-controlled measurements, symptoms and medication tracking
Healthcare Payers and Employers

Manage costs from one of the most common chronic condition addressing people during their most productive years

A major share of the costs caused by absenteeism falls on employers. Calculated with average figures in Finland, the cost of absence day of an employee with average wage counts €524. The prevalence of asthma is roughly 10 % and every fourth of the asthmatics have the average of 11,2 days off because of their condition. An employer with 500 employees may reduce the cost of absenteeism by €825.000 annually when half of the asthma-related days off among employees with asthma will be eliminated.”

One of the most common and most costly diseases

WHO estimates that every year over 5 billion disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) are lost because of asthma within the EU. Direct costs within the EU are estimated to be nearly 20 billion Euros, indirect costs 14 billion Euros and a monetised value of DALYs lost 38 billion Euros, which totals 72 billion Euros. Asthma often affects entire families; it is an inherited trait and both parents and children suffer from it. Children’s sick days lead to increased absenteeism for parents as well.

There is a tried and tested way to cut costs

Majority of the burden is unnecessary, and it is mainly caused by underutilization of treatment medication. Studies show that adherence can be driven up by self-care programs: the Finnish National Asthma Programme managed to lower the cost of care per patients by 72 %!

KAMU Health provides a solution that cost effectively digitalizes the entire self-care treatment paradigm for respiratory patients so that all parties benefit. The service can be integrated not just to healthcare providers, but also to funding systems for automatic service availability and access control. Providing tools for good quality life for chronic patients makes good business for all.

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Manage costs from one of the most common chronic condition addressing people during their most productive years
Research & Pharmaceutical Industry

Platform for quality-controlled Patient Reported Outcomes collection enabling faster recruitments and lower LTFU

While KAMU provides us with a possibility to deliver even more patient-friendly digital service and a potential for remote consulting of the asthmatic’s lung condition, it can also help enrich the current data available in our biobank. Combining the comprehensive Real-World Data of KAMU user’s lung condition with other patient reported data (e.g. medication, activity, weather) and our current data can result in a unique data set.”

A lot of research is needed after the COVID-19 pandemic

Both symptomatic as well as asymptomatic Covid-19 patients show various degrees of lung tissue changes. It is currently unclear what the long-term effect and recovery of these changes takes place. KAMU provides a platform for collecting patient reported outcomes in an easy and quality-controlled way.

Several benefits by automated processes

Recruitment of test cohorts is faster and easier as testing can be performed by the individual anytime anywhere. This also leads to lower LTFU numbers, as users are less likely to drop out of the clinical trials due to the participation burden on regular life over time. User interface both on the device and on smartphone can hide actual test results from the user when needed. The service supports server-side configurable tasks and reminders for the study participants leading to consistent, good quality data.

Unrivalled integration with multiple devices

Besides the integration to the KAMU Spirometer, the platform provides access to data from 200+ home use wearables and measurement devices.

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Platform for quality-controlled Patient Reported Outcomes collection enabling faster recruitments and lower LTFU

KAMU On The Road

Helsinki – Jan 8th-10th, 2020
Our first event of the year, Lääkäripäivät 2020, will take place in our hometown Helsinki. Lääkäripäivät is an annual exhibition for doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists and medical students.


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